4 – Relationship

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Mariko Sato RN BSN

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Relationship (Sessions & Reinforcement)

collaboration, community, cooperationMy health was being affected by several negative relationships within my family. I don’t understand how Mariko is able to release these negative emotions, I only know from experience it works and there is a sense of peace now in my marriage and amongst in-laws.  It’s amazing and I’m grateful!                                                                                                —- Utah —-

Relationship, Mother & Daughter 

Women Making PelmeniMariko has been a great help to my family! My last session she was able to connect me with my daughter and release some troubled energy that continues to surround her with her depression and substance abuse. She has a real gift for this.                   — Utah —


Two Women in Swimming PoolI feel so much lighter not being in a fight with my true friend. I have learned a lesson. I feel good. The treatment yesterday helped me to want to reconnect with my friend. If it was not for the treatment I may have been stuck. I love the energy work you do. It’s amazing!                                      — Utah —

Relationship issues 

Selective Focus Photography Two Person Making Heart Hand SignSo I recently had a session with Mariko.  I definitely felt more positive and energized for work and it showed in my interactions with my coworkers and with my clients. Not only that but my wife and I usually fight over the weekend but we haven’t really fought over anything this month. -Hawaii-