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When we feel vulnerable our sub-conscious mind make WALL around our heart. The materials our bodies use to make the Heart Wall are negative energies that are not being used and trapped within our bodies such as negative emotions, traumas, love-heart-romance-vector-logobeliefs, and so on.  The HEART WALL blocks us from positive energy such as love, joy, peace and happiness we deserve. “Much of our personal and spiritual growth comes out of our love and interaction with others. The more open our hearts are, the stronger will be our connection to one another. The more connected we are, the more we can give and receive love, and the stronger and richer our lives will become.” (Dr.Bradley Nelson,”The Emotion Code.”Wellness Unmarked Publishing,Mesquite,Nevada.p.240.) 

White FlowersYoung children may need just one or two HEART WALL sessions while adults may need 3 or 5 HW sessions to remove the accumulated HW.  

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*FYI: Your body may have higher priority issues such as Soreness, Stress, Sadness, Anxiousness and so on. In that case you may want to work on the higher priority issues first.  

*Clients’ testimonials about HEART WALL:

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Family relationship, LOVE-JOY-PEACE & Heart Wall — UT —

Family Preparing Food in the KitchenAfter working with Mariko for a number of relationship and heart wall sessions, I started to realize that I had a clearer understanding of the people and things going on around me. I had added compassion and love and insights as to how to communicate. There seemed to be more light in the room, and more understanding on both sides of every discussion. The differences are subtle, but profound. I feel more energized and capable and hopeful. — H.K. —         

I Recommend Mariko…, Pain, Depression 

& HEART WALL — Louisiana —

Close up portrait of a young woman typing a text message on mobile phoneMariko Sato does an excellent job. She is thorough, focused, and diligent. She is caring and professional. What impressed me most about her is her work ethics. In the beginning of the session, she talks with her clients in depth with muscle response testing to find the focus of the session. 

It was very interesting as we were preparing for one of our sessions she explained that two issues were coming up for clearing. She told me I had an option of doing more Heart Wall session or to work on a pain issue. I asked if that specific issue was providing her with a 10 in severity. She confirmed the intuitive feeling I had about that issue by muscle testing and told me, “Yes, it was a 10+”. We asked which issue would benefit me most at this time to be cleared and proceeded accordingly.

Brown Metal BellOccasionally a person may experience some emotional resonances after the session. These may be what is called an “Echo.” Echoes are trapped emotions that have been released and are in process of leaving your body and your life.  Mariko’s sessions include a follow up clearing by quick proxy (about 5 minutes) the next day to remove any residual “Echoes” if they are present after the session.

For more information about the Echo see Mariko’s Blog


I have experienced these Echo’s. Mariko cleared them and I instantly got relief. This is truly another benefit of having a session with Mariko. She is the only practitioner I have found to offer this service at no additional charge.

Red Concrete BrickMariko has provided me with many healing sessions. She has been extremely helpful in locating and removing Heart Walls, as well as issues that have a severity of a 10 (or higher). And as a result many areas of my life that had been a struggle improved. 

If you have trouble with issues in your life that never seem to be healed, resolved, to be free of or perhaps you need closure them I recommend having sessions with Mariko. She offers a discount when you buy a coupon.



Heart Wall, “.. forgotten something dark and heavy.. ”  — Utah —

Photo of Woman Walk Through PathwayI had Mariko remove my Heart Wall. After the 2nd Heart Wall session I felt a little off as if actual wall surrounding me was gone. I had to wait 10 days till I was ready for the 3rd Heart Wall session. Since my Heart Wall was gone I felt as if I’ve forgotten something dark and heavy that I had been carrying for a long time. It took me awhile to get used to my new body.  I find myself smiling more and being more friendly to others. Thank you !  –M.Y.–

Wrist Pain & HEART WALL  — Utah —

Silver Magic KeyboardI did session with Mariko as a client to have my wrists checked. I’ve always had weak wrists.  I had a pain level of 6 out of 10. It was hurting without me moving them. It surprised me when during the session, the pain level slowly went down from 6 to a 4, 4 to a 2, then 2 to no pain. I’m very satisfied with my results. 

I had more sessions with her and removed the HEART WALL that I have built over the years. It was recommended by my mother and my friend, so I decided to take the therapy after finding out how much of a change it made to them and their lives. The first week after having one or two heart walls removed was very interesting. I went through a lot of emotional ups and downs. I even felt sleepy during or after the elimination of my HEART WALL.
Few weeks later, I felt a change in my heart and mind. It’s very hard to explain. It felt like the blockage between my heart and my mind was finally removed to where I can understand why I’m doing the things I do and feeling the way I feel. I also felt like I’ve brought back the original pieces and parts of me that I’ve stored deep inside for a very long time. For a few days, I went through a stage of confusion because I didn’t know or maybe I forgot what to do with the parts of me I repressed. I noticed that I have eased my negative feelings towards my family, friends, and others. I feel the good spirit I lost or left.
I would like to thank Mariko and Ken for helping me be happier! To all those who have or are going through any issues like depression, anxiety, feeling of loss and hopelessness, I strongly recommend you to take your time for this special therapy that can turn things around and Photo of Teddy Bears Sitting on Woodmake you a happier person because after all that’s all we want, right?
—– Update —- About 10 months after my HEART WALL was removed I got married!                      –K.A.–
Knee Pain, Palpitations, Tightness… HEART WALL  –Texas —  Googlbasic-5-point-gold-star-beveledbasic-5-point-gold-star-beveledbasic-5-point-gold-star-beveledbasic-5-point-gold-star-beveledbasic-5-point-gold-star-beveled

Rear View of Man Sitting on WaterI was looking for an energy healer who could help my constant knee pain (osteoarthritis). I was having trouble walking and sleeping. I was also having trouble taking a deep breath, having palpitations, and feeling tightness on my chest, due to the pending surgery on my knee. I had 2 sessions with Mariko and my knee pain is gone and I no longer have tightness or heaviness on my chest. She eliminated trapped Brown Brick Wallemotions I had been carrying around. I also had HEART WALL sessions and I am HEART WALL free! She is gifted and we are lucky to have her!

I am thankful to you and your husband!

Anger, HEART WALL, Canker Sore, age 2 years old — Utah —

Low Section of WomanAll of a sudden, my daughter started to act up in daycare and at home. She was always in a bad mood, and she kept saying that she is a ‘bad girl’. I tried to talk to her to figure out the problem but I couldn’t get much out of a 2 year old. Mariko found several emotional blockages and released them as well as her Heart Wall. Mariko also worked on her canker sore in her bottom lips. She had not been eating because of the pain but soon after the session she started eating as if she had no pain. The next day, my daughter had a good day at daycare, and she came home happy and is back to her happy self. -S.S-

Heart Wall, Emotional Numbness  — New York —

Heart Shape Sea Shells on Brown Beach SandContrary to popular belief, I had the hardest time loving others and letting people in after my full time voluntary service for my church. Some would say that such voluntary service ought to have the opposite effect, but no. I had no emotion. I blocked and ignored important individuals and strangers who sought friendship. I was truly numb and my energies spent from the rejections of strangers, other voluntary workers, and even the leaders of the church. I could not talk to others and felt a constant fear lingering deep inside my chest at every social encounter. The feeling of dread whenever I talked to anyone was so exhausting that I became a hermit feeling alone in a room full of people. I was incapable of opening up and expressing genuine sincere care to the people who were close to me, and those who wanted to be close. My recovery has been a slow and steady prayerful process of emotional reconciliation. I had 3 proxy sessions with Mariko to remove my Heart Wall. To my surprise, shortly after my Heart Wall was removed I did not feel the fear when I talked to an acquaintance. I didn’t feel numb. What I felt was far from the social and emotional apathy that I had felt for so long. It was happiness and the freedom to love openly. My friends see a difference in me and most importantly I feel a difference in me. Thank you, Mariko, for healing me! ——Update—— About a year after my Heart Wall was removed I got married!  -K.S.-

Attention, Hyperactive, Temper Tantrum, Tummy Aches, Allergies,  Chronic Nasal Drip, Childhood Immunizations, Developmental Delays, HEART WALL…   — Texas — 

My five year old son was experiencing developmental delays and behavioral problems starting around two years of age. He also had a lot of allergy problems from an early age as well. I contacted Mariko and asked a few questions about her services, and she was very informative. I decided to purchase sessions with Mariko on behalf of my son, and the results have been astonishing! She uncovered numerous allergies to food, chemicals, environmental properties, childhood immunizations, and numerous other agitators, and started working to clear these allergies/sensitivities. His behavior has improved remarkably over the last month that she has worked with him. It gave us a better understanding as to why he was having behavioral problems which in turn, attributed to developmental delays. His behavior is so much better as a result of the sessions! His tantrums have pretty much disappeared, and he is so pleasant to be around. He is less fearful and so much more social. You can tell that he feels good, and his behavior shows it! It is fun to watch his personality come to life!

In addition to what I am seeing, I took him to a chiropractor and she did some allergy testing on him and confirmed that he was no longer allergic to several items that he had been allergic to prior, such as gluten, casein, sugar, and several others. Getting confirmation that these allergies had cleared is proof that Mariko is a natural healer and has done wonders for my son’s well-being. Thank you Mariko, we are grateful for you and your gift! May God bless you!                                                                                                Heart with a red oil pastel As of today, Mariko had cleared my son’s Heart Wall that carried the burden of many trapped emotions from generations past. We are so excited to see him flourish now that his heart has been freed !  — Texas — 

Disclaimer: I, Mariko Sato, do not diagnose, treat, cure, promise to cure, or prevent any mental or medical illness. The content of this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or promise to cure any mental or medical illness and it has not been evaluated by the FDA.  The testimonials in this website apply only to those who wrote them.  If you have any medical or mental issues, please contact appropriate physicians and professional counselors or go to the emergency department without delay. Please, call 911 immediately if you have any medical or mental emergencies.