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Welcome to the Testimonial page for Animals. All Animal Sessions are done by telephone. The testimonials in the Home page are not included in this page. I am looking forward to working for your loved ones! 


Mariko Sato RN BSN

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Dog, Unhappy… (Telephone sessions)  

adult, animals, beautiful Mariko has helped my dog so much. He has issues with ignoring me, holding grudges and not wanting to play with other dogs. She has been able to help him with his issues. After a session with her he is happy and well behaved. It’s amazing to see his behavior change.  He is happier and less stressed.    — Utah —

Dog, Fear (Telephone Session)

dog, garden, girl I chose my 8 week old English Springer Spaniel pup from the litter because of her high energy and sassy personality. I tried to make sure she was well socialized but through that process I was surprised to learn that she was actually quite a shy and fearful dog. Her fear, which I assume is genetic because it seems so ingrained in her, is always there. She has a tendency to shy away from strangers when they try to pet her, she is afraid of men, people wearing hats, kids on scooters, random noises, etc. Three years old now, she is a smart, sweet dog who LOVES coming to work with me. However, she can still be quite fearful and when she is experiencing a high level of fear, she’ll bark at work and uses more avoidance techniques with people in the office. As it is, she won’t let any of my male coworkers get to close to her. At one point she seemed to be experiencing a continual level of fear. Her level of fear became so compounded that she was freaking out at every little thing at home and at work. I don’t know what set it off or why it had gotten so bad but her level of fear was so high at the time that one noise outside of the house (people talking, a garbage truck, someone mowing their lawn) and my 40 lb. dog ended up sitting on my plate of Chinese take-out! I felt bad that she was feeling so fearful and I didn’t know how to help her come down from that.

animal, autumn, cuteIt was at that point that I contacted Mariko for help. After one proxy session with Mariko my newly fear ridden pup was a completely different dog. She was calm, cool and collected; noises didn’t seem to bother her, she wasn’t shying away from people, and she seemed a lot more confident. I was happy to see her so relaxed and what a relief to see her freed from that continual high level of fear. But I was completely shocked when I took her to work and she actually let my male coworkers pet her! They were shocked too! It was amazing the difference in her! Thanks!                                                                                                         —- Utah —-

Cat to Cat Relationship (Telephone sessison)

Close-up of CatMy family has one cat for 2 years. We have been wanting to adopt another cat. We have had 2 cats before and the two cats were not a good match and they sprayed the house. That didn’t work out well. So we were very careful about bringing in a new cat in our family. We have history of treatment sessions with Mariko in which all has been so helpful. So we reached out to her. I went to the adoption center and sent her pictures of each kitten. One cat in particular received the best score of 10/10. We adopted the cat that had the 10/10 score.

Two Orange Cats Standing and Sitting on Pavement Surrounded With Dried Fallen LeavesAt first my cat was sad and upset and didn’t want anything to do with the kitten. We had another session with Mariko, to treat both cats. Mariko found out from them that the reason why the kitten received the 10/10 score was because they knew each other in their past, before conception.  After that my cat started to act herself more and it’s been a week and now they are playing together! They are getting along very well. It is sure nice to finally have two cats that are very compatible!  

Dog, Nervous & Timid (Telephone Session)

Man Hugging American Pit Bull Terrier Puppy Close-up PhotoI’ve recently adopted my dog from an animal shelter. She was so skinny, nervous, and rigid. She hid herself behind the couch and she had poor appetite. She had no interest in toys and treats.  She had emotional traumas related to separation from her mother dog, her siblings, and her previous owner, and she had low self-esteem.

During the session she started wagging her tale, stretching, showing her belly, and came to me for a hug and kisses!! I witnessed a distinct difference before and after the session!          — Utah —

Horse, Crib Bite (Telephone session)

adult, beautiful, blurMariko did the session by proxy for my horse. The next day I didn’t see my horse crib even once while I’ve been there!  On the 5th day after the session I went over and observed my horse. He was calm, normal. He stood by the fence and window to the barn which had wood around it and he didn’t crib. I felt energy of GRATITUDE . He looked like a normal horse. Thank you, Mariko, for your gift!

He used to stop eating to do it at its worst! He would die without proper dental care. It’s known to be a mental thing. If it stays away I have many people who would want to know where to find you.——-  2 weeks later ——I checked on my horse. He is gazing peacefully by the fence.                              — Utah —

Dog and the Chocolate (Telephone session)

Brown Long Coated Dog Lying in Front of White Curtain

I found my dog flat on the floor. Her breathing was rapid and shallow, and her face was swollen. She had no strength and she couldn’t move. Mariko told me that it was due to chocolate my dog ate last night. I realized then that I’ve left German chocolate cake on the kitchen table last night.  During the session she started wagging her tale and moving around ! It was amazing !        — Utah — 

Marking (Telephone Session)

Black Poddle

He is doing so much better !

— Utah —

Study Success -East Asia-

Man Sitting in Front of Three ComputersMariko and Ken have been helping my family on various issues. The result for study success for one of my sons has been amazing. Mariko identified various trapped emotions/heart walls that came from growing up as well as past life regressions. This opened my son’s joy to study scientific subjects, and he has received an award for outstanding achievement in overall subjects! His determination for success and his commitment amazed a lot of people and we are grateful for the help from Mariko!  Below is the letter from his school. -L.L.- 

“Dear Parents of xxxx,
The xxx xxx Prize Giving Ceremony is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievement of our students throughout the academic year. Awards are made for academic excellence in each Year Group for each Academic Subject and for outstanding involvement and contribution to school life for each Form Group.  There are also school trophies for a variety of awards, including Sports, the Arts and Community Service. 
This year our Prize Giving Ceremony will take place virtually and I am delighted to share with you that you are receiving this email because xxxx will be awarded a prize or trophy for outstanding achievement during the event. We would like to make sure that they join the event online.”

MomI know that your son’s success is definitely because of his hard work and your support. Thomas Edison said, “Success is 1 % inspiration and 99 % perspiration.” Albert Einstein also said, “Genius is 1 % talent and 99% hard work…” Congratulations!!!