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Mariko Sato RN BSN

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“Sick to the stomach…” , Chronic Congestion and Cough. (Sessions and Reinforcement) Google Review basic-5-point-gold-star-beveledbasic-5-point-gold-star-beveledbasic-5-point-gold-star-beveledbasic-5-point-gold-star-beveledbasic-5-point-gold-star-beveled

Woman Lying on Couch helped me with two issues I had. One was that I kept feeling sick to my stomach after eating. I tried a lot of things to improve my digestion but it still was a problem. She worked on my valve, as she said it wasn’t working properly. She did emotional clearings for me and allergy elimination. After 3 sessions my symptoms were gone.

Another time I had congestion and a cough that wouldn’t go away. I did many things and took different remedies to get well but still it hung on.I had emotions that were stuck, which she cleared, and allergies which she worked on. It cleared up right away. Mariko is very good at digging deep to find problems and solve them to improve one’s physical, emotional and even spiritual well being.        — Utah —
Recurrent UTI (Person & Reinforcement)

Baby Touching Woman's Face I had a UTI this past spring and Mariko helped with the pain. It had been recurring and I had taken antibiotics but she helped me strengthen my immune system. I had one session followed by Reinforcement for two days.  She has been very helpful with my grand kids also, removing emotional blocks and clearing energy. She and her husband have an amazing connection and I really trust her special abilities!                                           —- Utah —-

Food Allergy, Lack of Appetite & Fear (Sessions & Reinforcements) –Australia–

Thank you Mariko for working on my son who was not interested in food and is very small for his age. I cannot express in words how grateful I am.Ebi Tempura Bento on Brown Wooden TableAfter removing blocks and trapped emotions and energies it is so nice to see him interested in food. He has started finishing his breakfast and dinner without being reminded to eat constantly. It is amazing to see his lunch box empty after so many years of throwing uneaten lunch away. After the second session on fear he no longer needs night light and is more than happy to go downstairs at night if he needs anything by himself. I am so happy that I have found you. People like you are very rare. You are absolutely brilliant at what you do. Thank you again and to your husband. Amazing team work!                                                                                                          Fatigue, Seasonal allergies (Session & Reinforcement)

beautiful, blooming, blossomI came to see Mariko for fatigue. She worked with me and found that much of it was due to seasonal allergies, and the new carpet we had installed a few months ago. She cleared all the emotional issues involved and she worked on the Enforcement to clear the allergies. Before, I was constantly tired throughout the day. After the sessions I have had more energy and have been sleeping better than ever! She is amazing with her intuition as to what the body needs. She has also worked with my 9 yr old grandson on emotional issues and it has been a tremendous help for him. I highly recommend her!                            —- Utah —-

Sore throat & Anxiety (Session & Reinforcement)

Blue and White Toothpaste on ToothbrushI had a sore throat for 2 weeks. I tried pain medications along with higher doses of vitamin C products. I felt anxiety as well.  I turned to Mariko for a session. She eliminated my allergy for the bacteria and virus that was causing my sore throat. It was suggested I avoid mint and the chemicals in the toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash for 24 hours. Within a day my sore throat was gone along with the negative emotions that were causing anxiety.                                                 — Utah —

Rare Eye Disease, Blepharospasm (Sessions & Reinforcement)

adult, beautiful, blue colorI’ve had an eye disease, Blepharospasm, and have been to some of the best eye doctors in the state and they weren’t able to help me at all. They gave up trying to help me. I gave up trying to get help until I heard about what Mariko does. Since going to her, I have been relieved and surprised that things have gotten better. She eliminated a lot of underlying causes for my problems such as my trapped emotions, my sensitivities for Sun Light, Interior Lights, Screen Radiation (Computer, Cell-Phone, and TV), etc.… I still have the eye disease but things aren’t as bad as they used to be. I can function better and my life is better too.        —- Utah —-

Skin Rash (Too busy to attend the session. Remote sesison & Reinforcement)

People Doing ToastI was having Mariko do the session for me because of a difficult skin rash that seemed to flare up when there was stress. I felt the rash on neck flaring up with welts and itching just before a gathering with extended family… I realized it quit itching and burning and welts had disappeared 15 minutes after a scheduled session had started. This session was during this gathering. I received a text that the session had begun. When I realized symptoms had disappeared. I can’t explain it… I just know that the session worked and I had instant relief.   — Utah —

Migraine, Stomach Pain, Bloating, Allergy (Sessions & Reinforcements)

cheese, cooking, delicious I have done allergy elimination. One of the foods I worked on was cheese. I love cheese, but it gave me migraines and really bad stomach pains. When Mariko identified and eliminated the causes for my pain I’ve felt immediate relief. After the elimination sessions, I found out that your body sometimes still doesn’t like cheese since there are so many different kinds.  I like to think in my mind, “Is this really worth eating this food if it’s going to give me a headache or a stomachache?” Most of the time it isn’t worth it. I’m able to eat cheese that is white. I believe in Mariko’s energy work and allergy elimination. Thank you Mariko for all you have done.    — Utah —

Allergic Reaction (Session & Reinforcement)

Man and Woman Beside Wooden Hand Rail Beside Body of Water I had an allergic reaction and itchy eyes from a dust allergy from a friend’s house. My wife and I experienced runny nose, sneezing and itchy red eyes that just wouldn’t go away. It wasn’t a life or death, but it was really uncomfortable. It continued for about a day for my wife but mine wouldn’t go away. I’ve had success with allergy treatment from Mariko from the past so I texted her about the symptoms. She worked on them right away and followed up to make sure the symptoms got better. I felt an immediate improvement from my symptoms and in the hour they were gone. Thanks Mariko.                                                            —- Hawaii —-

FEAR, Constant Cold, Food Allergies, Tummy aches… 15 month old. (Sessions & Reinforcements)

Woman Holding the Waist of Baby Girl in Pink DressI took my 15 month old baby to Mariko because she was unreasonably fearful of new people and even the sight of them caused her to cry and scream and latch on to me. I suspected this had to do with the week she spent in the NICU and the multiple IVs she got each day (in both feet, arms, and head) as well as the feeding tubes placed and replaced and the breathing apparatuses. It was a harsh first week for her. Mariko was able to help her with those emotions and her fear of new people has almost vanished and she is much more reasonable now.

 Another reason I wanted Mariko to work on my baby was because of her constant colds. She was constantly sick, sometimes it was just a runny nose and fever, other times she was coughing, and sometimes she was vomiting and very sick. She was always “getting over a cold” or one was starting. She never had more than a day or two of reprieve from sickness. Other than her constant colds, she was a very happy baby so I was only somewhat concerned. Mariko asked if she was a picky eater and she was – I learned that this was a sign of allergies and intolerances. Mariko discovered that my baby had food allergies and agriculture, animal, blue skythose allergies were making her sick! It was then that I realized that my baby hadn’t always been a sickly baby, it was only at around 7 or 8 months that she began to get the constant colds – and that was when I started adding real foods to her diet! Mariko discovered that she was allergic to a plethora of things and was able to get most of those down to non-issue items, however, my baby’s body is still intolerant to lactose, mold, fungus energy from the soil and grain, and Vitamin C. I make my family a fresh fruit and vegetable shake each morning, often adding kale from our garden (which I never washed because it was organic and a little dirt never hurt anyone…) but that was what was affecting my baby’s body so Orange Fruitnegatively – not just the dirt (mold and fungus) from the kale, but also because it was based in orange juice (Vitamin C). She loved the shakes and I thought I was such a great mom when she drank them, but it was when she began drinking them that she started getting the constant cold.

I am grateful Mariko was able to get rid of all of the other intolerances but I am even more grateful to just understand my baby’s body and know what it is that she doesn’t like and what to do when she gets sick (which is NOT dose her up with packets of Vitamin C…I was making things worse!). My baby has had a constant cold since she was around 8 months old – no exaggeration – and often she would go for days without eating very much at all, but since Mariko started working on her a few weeks ago she hasn’t even had a sniffle. I was amazed at how much better my baby was eating! She doesn’t drink milk or orange juice or eat dirt (!) anymore, and now her body is as happy as her spirit. She has become a much better eater – now she sometimes eats even more than I do at meals! It is amazing!!

 I am so grateful for Mariko. I try very hard to be a good mom and give my kids what they need, but I just don’t know what that is a lot of the time. Mariko has a special gift and I am so grateful she will share that gift with me and my family.              — Utah —

Attention deficit & Forgetfulness (Session & Reinforcement)

Close-up Photo of Halloween DecorsMy son started school and he was unusually forgetful and I noticed that his attention span was not as good as it used to be. He had a hard time staying on topic and he could not remember to bring his school binder and his belongings home. For two weeks I reminded him every day and he just could not remember. I even wrote on his hand to bring his binder home and he could not remember. When we would work on his homework he could not sit still and would fidget like crazy.                                                                Six Assorted-color LollipopsThrough muscle response test that Ken and Mariko performed, it turned out that food coloring and sweeteners were the main cause of his behavior. It made sense because it started right after Halloween and he had been eating a lot of candies. I put a hard stop on all food coloring and within 3 days, he remembered to bring his binder home. He can sit for a long time doing homework without being distracted and fidgeting. It has made a huge difference.                             — Utah —

Baby Rash (Session & Reinforcement)

Close-up of Hands Holding Baby FeetWe’ve recently had our new born. I’ve heard that baby rash is common in babies but his back was pretty bad. We tried Mariko’s service. She did some testing and found the cause.

The next day all his rashes were gone or significantly reduced!

We knew they would eventually go away but Mariko’s session helped it dissipate much quicker. It’s been 10 days since the session and his skin remains clear! Thank you !          —- Hawaii —-

ACNE related to shampoo, liquid soap, Humectant…(Sessions & Reinforcements)

Women in Blue and White Floral Dress With Pink Flower on Hand For months, I had terrible, terrible acne on my back and where my hair falls on my cheeks and neck. Mariko said I was allergic to some chemicals and humectant, which is in a lot of items like shampoo, liquid soap, and lotion. I had 3 by proxy sessions with her and carefully followed the instruction after the treatments. I no longer have acne on my back, cheeks, ears, and neck. I am glad to have been able to eliminate my humectant allergy so I no longer break out.                     — Utah —

Cough (Session & Reinforcement)

Brown FirewoodThe past 6 months I had a chronic cough. I would have to clear my throats before I spoke so my voice won’t be so raspy. My throats just felt like it was inflamed and bothered all the time. I read allergies can cause chronic cough so I reached out to Mariko. To my surprise my cough was due to bacteria, fungus, mold, and virus in the air all around me. She treated me by proxy. I felt so much better the next day but I still had 10% of the cough. I had another session with Mariko and to my surprise 100% of my cough was gone. It has been about 7 days without a cough and my throats just feels thinner, like they are not inflamed and angry anymore. I am so relieved!! Thank you!!                       — Utah —

Fatigue (Session & Reinforcement)

Photo of Person Holding Alarm Clock I have been feeling extremely fatigued for a while. I would come home from work and after dinner, fall asleep on the couch often. I did not know why.

Mariko treated me for wheat allergy. My body functions all day back to normal again and I do not feel sleepy during  attention, caution, dangerthe day anymore. I feel great!! Thank you!!!                                 — Utah —

Vitamin D, age 3 (Session & Reinforcement)

Boy Rising Up His Hand Wearing Black CapeMy 3 year old son had diarrhea and eczema for weeks. I learned from Mariko that he might have sensitivity to vitamin D. She eliminated his sensitivity.  25 hours after the session I saw normal stool for the first time in weeks! His eczema improved too.                                                           — Utah —

Corn , age 2 years old (Session & Reinforcement)                                                     

 My 2 years old daughter had a constant  runny nose that did not go away even after the course of antibiotics. Mariko told me that she was very sensitive to corn and everything that has corn in it. I put her on strict corn free diet. Within 3 days, her runny nose cleared up completely first time after a year. She went for months without runny nose. Recently, we cheated on her diet and let her run off with a bag of chips that had corn products. Immediately that night, her nose started running again and she lost bladder control though she was fully potty trained. I finally took her to see Mariko for a Allergy Elimination session. Mariko eliminated my daughter’s sensitivity for corn and 25 hours later her noses completely cleared up and she no longer needed diapers! Amazing! My daughter truly enjoyed eating corn on July 4th and she had no runny nose.             — Utah —

Protein Shake Allergy (Sessions & Reinforcements)

Since I’ve found out about Mariko’s therapy and had some sessions with her I have been able to start running as my main exercise and cannot believe that I can run after being so sick for so many years. Recently I purchased a protein shake to help with my protein intake and to speed up my muscle recovery rate. The first two weeks, I was fine drinking the shake. I noticed a huge difference in my recovery after each work out. About third week into drinking the protein shake, I started feeling very nauseated after I drank the shake. It got to the point where I could not drink the shake anymore. I knew I had developed an allergy to that product so I called Mariko and made an appointment to hopefully eliminate the allergy. I found out that I was 98% allergic to the protein shake, and that I developed an allergy to the product while I was taking it. Mariko treated me for the protein shake, and I had to avoid the protein shake for 4 days. After 4 days, I asked if I am ready to drink the shake again and I needed one more treatment. After my second treatment, I was told my allergy is eliminated. I was quite scared to drink the protein shake again but to my surprise, my body did not react to it. It has been 3 weeks, and I have been able to supplement myself with the protein shake. I feel great!!!                   — Utah —

Feather blanket, Sneezing…(Sessions & Reinforcements)

Grey and White Floral Bed Comforter I recently ordered a down comforter. Since I am sensitive to many things, I wanted to be proactive. I had Mariko check with my body if I was allergic to the feather.  She found out that I was very allergic to the feather. She worked on my allergy and intolerance to the feather as well as other underlying causes.  I was told not to come near the feather blanket till I have one more session in 5 days. I got the blanket and felt very allergic — I was sneezing badly. I had to put it away. After the 2nd session and 24 hour avoidance period I felt completely fine with my down comforter. She eliminated my feather allergy and intolerance from my body.

It’s been 2 months since I started using my down comforter and I can enjoy my down comforter without sneezing.       — Utah —

Grass, age 6 (Sessions & Reinforcements)

Boy in Black Nutshell Helmet on Blue Bmx Bike Having Hangtime After Taking Off on RampSince April my son’s nose got very stuffy and he could not breathe through his nose. It was caused by grass. Mariko eliminated Allergy and Intolerance for the grass and sent us home with some instructions. Within 3 days, he was able to breathe through his nose again.

 A few weeks later he woke up with very itchy and red puffy eyes. He had a distant session with Mariko. I found out that he was allergic to the newly emerged pollen that surrounded our house. Mariko treated his allergy for the pollen and gave us some instructions to follow. Within 25 hours, his eyes were back to normal! 

Thank you, Mariko !                       — Utah —

Pollen, Perfumes, Scented soaps…(Session & Reinforcements)
Closeup of a bee sucking pollen on a large magenta flowerI was very sensitive to flower, perfumes, and scented soaps. I used to sneeze and break out in rash when I was around flowers, especially Lilly. I had headache and felt uncomfortable when I sat close to someone wearing perfumes. And my eyes got itchy when I used the scented soap and shampoo. After I had sessions with Mariko I no longer react to the pollen, the perfumes, the scented soap and shampoo. I am so relieved! Thank you, Mariko!!!                              — Utah —

Red, Swollen, Itchy Eyes…7 years old (Session & Reinforcements)

blow, boy, childMy 7 year old son suddenly started to have seasonal allergies. His eyes were red swollen and itchy and he could not bear with the symptoms. We put him on allergy medication but that did not help. Then, we put him on a different allergy medicine but that still did not work. I called my pediatrician and they said the next step would be to see an allergist and possibly get a shot. Before doing so, I had Mariko do the session for him by proxy.

She found out what was causing his eyes to swell and itch. She said that the major allergens were Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac, and the minor ones were pollens, trees, wood, grass, weed, and flowers combination with UV light and sun light. She also removed other underlying causes besides allergies. To my surprise, on the day when the 1st proxy session was done he came home from school very happy saying “My eyes got better!” They looked normal!!  After the 2nd proxy session he had been without allergy medications. Three days later his eyes started itch again. I requested the 3rd proxy session. It was due to different pollen. The symptoms subsided soon after the proxy was done.  Every time, I saw improvement after improvement until my son’s allergy was completely gone.   It was a miraculous experience. It has now been 2 weeks since my son received treatments, and he is completely allergy free!! I am still amazed at the result. Thank you so much!!                                                    — Utah —

Acute Rash (Session & Reinforcement)

Shrimp and Vegetable SaladI had rash in my hands for 4 days. It was hot, swollen and there were some tiny red spots. Mariko did a proxy session for me. Soon after the session I noticed that the heat subsided from my hands. There was no rash the next day. Mariko told me that it was due to the seafood I’ve eaten 4 days ago and suggested to avoid shell fish like shrimps because I am allergic to shell fish. Thank you!              — Hawaii —

Acne, Food Coloring Session & Reinforcements)

blur, bowl, candies I was on a sugar free diet for a month. After my diet, I decided to eat a lot of candies. All of a sudden I broke out with pimples on my jawline and by my ears. I tried acne face wash but they did not go away.

Immediately after the session by proxy I felt my skin calm down. My pimples got better after Mariko treated me for the food coloring.  It’s been now 2 weeks since the proxy sessions and I have not broken out.

Thank you, Mariko!!!                       — Utah —

Reccurent UTIs & Yeast infection (Sessions & Reinforcements)

Photography of Yellow Hibiscus Under SunlightSymptoms began on Sunday. On Monday I had a session with Mariko. She treated me for the itchy symptoms and that subsided. I thought I was OK without the Reinforcement. I started using over the counter medicine on Wednesday. On Friday afternoon I went to the doctor since it was itchy again. The UTI and yeast test came out negative. I had Mariko work on me again, this time she treated me for the symptoms and did the Reinforcement for 2 days after the session. I am all better! Thanks!       — Utah —

Eggs, age 10 (Sessions & Reinforcements)

My 10 year old son used to have rash all over his body. One of the causes was his allergy to eggs and some trapped emotions. After 3 sessions with Mariko his allergy is gone and he is free of rash!   — California —

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Girl applying cream on allergic skin, eczema treatment