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MomWelcome to the Home Page – 2. This page has relatively new testimonials. 

I am so thankful that you let me work for you and your loved ones! Best wishes!

Neck Pain & Cloudy Thinking  – California –

Mother Showing  White and Red Flowers To Her Baby I had a pain in my neck.  It was so distracting during in the day that I couldn’t think. I had an appointment with Mariko that day. I hadn’t planned on it but I worked on my neck pain.  I am amazed at the results.  By the end of the session the pain is gone along with my cloudy thinking.  It was right away, it was completely gone and it didn’t come back. Thank you so much!     -P.G.-

Bullying from School Friend -Asia-

Red Building With Clock TowerMy child moved into a new school and became a target of a notorious bully in school unaware of the danger of this friendship.  It was too late when he realized and he did not know how to get out of this relationship.  In hiding from us parents and the teachers, he was secretly told to do chores and was made to buy expensive gifts.  With Mariko’s help, he could make a smooth transition of the friendship without a fuss from the notorious bully child.  Even though they are in the same class still, he has found a new sense of composure and enjoys going to school.   -A.M.-

Terrible Pain   -CA-

Meditating With Candles and IncenseMariko is remarkable. She has healed so many of my ailments: digestive problems including acid reflux, and constant belching; neuropathy in feet; and spasms in fingers.  And for the last four days, I had an intermittent pain in my thigh from my groin to my knee occurring anytime I tried to walk. In one session she got rid of the terrible pain with the leg buckling that went along with it. She is amazing.  -K.R.-

Empathic Middle Child   -Asia-

People Doing Swim RaceMy second son is the middle of my three children.  He is an empathic child sandwiched between more strong characters of my first and third children.  It was tough for him to be in the middle as an empath and it was difficult for him to claim what he wants in school and at home.  He was apologetic to be more successful than his siblings and he succumbed not to do his best.  After Mariko’s session, he came home with a prize for the swim meet.  His brothers did not get any prize but he was not sorry and just in pure joy!  It is truly amazing that we can sense the world differently from the healing session with Mariko/Ken.  -M.L.-

Severe Back Pain -Asia-

Crop man stretching legs during trainingMy husband developed very severe back pain that he needed crutches for supporting his walk.  Stubborn and Iatrophobia, my husband did not want to see a physician to determine the necessity of an operation.  Mariko told us that he needed physical adjustment (osteopathy) as well as her healing sessions.  It took a few months but he has recovered from the pain and was able to walk again.  As well as healing from his back pain, my husband now is more supportive and understanding in our relationships.  The healing sessions with Mariko can bring more light to our heart and I cannot recommend enough! -CL-

Study Success -Asia-

Man Sitting in Front of Three ComputersMariko and Ken have been helping my family on various issues. The result for study success for one of my sons has been amazing. Mariko identified various trapped emotions/heart walls that came from growing up as well as past life regressions. This opened my son’s joy to study scientific subjects, and he has received an award for outstanding achievement in overall subjects! His determination for success and his commitment amazed a lot of people and we are grateful for the help from Mariko!  Below is the letter from his school. -L.L.- 

“Dear Parents of xxxx,
The xxx xxx Prize Giving Ceremony is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievement of our students throughout the academic year. Awards are made for academic excellence in each Year Group for each Academic Subject and for outstanding involvement and contribution to school life for each Form Group.  There are also school trophies for a variety of awards, including Sports, the Arts and Community Service. 
This year our Prize Giving Ceremony will take place virtually and I am delighted to share with you that you are receiving this email because xxxx will be awarded a prize or trophy for outstanding achievement during the event. We would like to make sure that they join the event online.”

MomCongratulations!!! Thank you very much for your kind testimonial! I know that your son’s success is definitely because of his hard work and your dedicated support. Thomas Edison said, “Success is 1 % inspiration and 99 % perspiration.” Albert Einstein also said, “Genius is 1 % talent and 99% hard work…” 

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