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Hi! This is Mariko Sato RN BSN. 

I have done bedside care as an RN for 10 years. I think one of the most unique things that I do and doctors in the hospitals don’t is the muscle response test (MRT). MRT is the way for us to communicate with our bodies who know everything about us. Many times we don’t know what the underlying causes are for the issues until we ask our bodies by accurate and precise MRT. There is no same expected outcome or protocols that apply to everyone. The issues and the underlying causes are unique to each individual.

My first exposure to the MRT was in 1998 through a book titled “Say Good-By to Illness” written by Devi Numbudripad M.D., D.C., L.Ac., Ph.D., who was the founder of NAET. In order to attend NAET seminars I had to become a medical professional. I went back to school and I graduated from Westminster College with honor in 2006 and became an RN.  

I have seen many individuals’ qualities of lives improved because of Energy WorkI’ve had great success with people who has issues such as:

All kinds of PAIN, Acute or Chronic, in any area of your body; Arthritis, RA, Fibromyalgia, and Pain with No-Known-Cause, etc…

All kinds of Emotional issues;  Anxiety, Depression, Fear, ADHD, PTSD, Heartaches, Anger, High Stress, Emotional Numbness, Bulling, Abuse, Mourning, and Emotional Pain with No-Known-Cause, etc….

All other issues with; Allergy, Fatigue, Relationship, PMS, Recurrent UTIs, Addiction, School, Work, Animals like Dogs, cats & Horses, and issues with No-Known-Cause.

I am committed to helping you take your life back, releasing you from your physical and emotional pain, and improve your life! I am looking forward to your sessions! 

About 85% of my clients’ sessions are done by proxy. (distant telephone sessions). In-person and Distant sessions are Equally Effective. My clients live all over the USA and the world ! If you live outside the USA please find me in Messenger or LINE to avoid the telephone fee.

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*Please, call, text, or email me to make the appointments.

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*If you can’t attend the session, Please, purchase the session by PayPal drop-down menu in Fees/PayPal page and text me. I will contact you. Please tell me briefly on the phone what’s going on and I’ll ask you some questions while I do the MRT, about 10 to 15 minutes or so.  I will text you when the session is done and give you a brief review over the phone or by text (about 3-5 min). 

Disclaimer: The content of this website has not been evaluated by the FDA. This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, promise to cure, or to prevent any physical, mental, or medical illness. The testimonials in this website apply only to those who wrote them.  If you have any medical or mental condition, you should contact appropriate physicians immediately. Please, call 911 if you have any medical or mental emergencies.

Below are some of my clients’ testimonials:

Anxiety, Depression, Headaches & Earaches,…Blurry Vision (In-person & Distant sessions)               beautiful, beauty, blondeAfter reading “The Emotion Code” I contacted Mariko for a session in hopes of feeling better emotionally and physically. I was leery. I didn’t know what to expect and I was amazed how I began to feel more hopeful for happiness throughout that first week. The severity of pressure in head and ears 10/10 came down to almost none by the end of the first session. I had several more In-Person sessions over a couple of months that literally helped transform my life with more peace and love…which in turn has had an amazing impact on my family. I have recommended several acquaintances after they have noticed such a difference in me and my family.

Blue and White Toothpaste on ToothbrushSeveral weeks later I had trouble with my eyes. I had blurred vision for a few weeks. I didn’t need glasses. It finally became so annoying I had a proxy session with Mariko. I also had pretty bad pressure pain in my head and in my ear. She first worked on my headache, then the earache. When the pain subsided she worked on my eyes. She said that one of the underlying causes was due to chemicals in the toothpaste I was using. She removed the chemical toxicity as well as other underlying causes. She suggested to use the toothpaste that are sold at the health food store until my sensitivity to the chemicals are eliminated by Allergy Elimination session. After changing the toothpaste, my eyesight was fine.

After each session, I felt more and more relief from emotional burdens and drastic improvements in my health. My entire family has benefited and I am incredibly grateful I found Mariko!

Depression, Anxiety … (In-Person sessions)

belief, bible, bookI had suffered from depression for as long as I can remember. I can remember that horrible dark feeling even as a small child. Recently over the past year it had totally swallowed me up and I could no longer function. Over the past 25 years, I have been on many different anti-depressants and seen many doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists. I was treated with EMDR for post-traumatic stress, which did help, but finally I couldn’t  go on any longer. I am so grateful to find Mariko. Finding her was an answer to years of deep prayer. In my first visit with her, she found the trapped emotions and negative energies that were destroying my life. I know how it amazing it sounds, but I can only thank Heaven for this blessing. During the session I felt peace for the first time in so long I don’t even remember. The next day, I had a feeling that literally an unbearable weight had been removed off my shoulders. It was a literal sensation, not just a thought. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for this blessing that came to me through Mariko and I want to express my deep thanks to her and Ken for healing me.

Lupus, ITP, Pain, Fatigue… (In-Person & Distant sessions & Enforcements)

blanket, boots, childI was diagnosed with ITP (ideopathic thrombocytopenic purpura) soon after giving birth to my fist child. I had fatigue, knee pain, and no energy. My platelet count was 17k/uL (the normal is >177k/uL.) Then, a year later I was diagnosed with lupus. My kidney was leaking protein and I was progressively getting worse….I had no life…..

I started seeing Mariko for sessions. I had my blood checked every month and I was OK. She treated my sensitivities for numerous food, hormones, different types of fabrics, chemicals, and many different kinds of bacteria, mold/fungi, parasites, mud, grass, car exhaust, etc., as well as eliminating emotional underlying causes. 

Gradually I got better. I got a job. I was able to give birth to my second child! I am living a happy, healthy, normal life! My doctors say that I am very lucky and to keep on doing whatever I am doing that is helping me get better.  Thank you for finding the cure for my illness, Mariko, I have my life back!

Developmental delays, Temper Tantrum, Melt Down, High sensitivity to sound, ADHD, Nasal drip, Allergies, Childhood immunizations….(Distant sessions & Enforcements)

 My five year old son was experiencing developmental delays and behavioral problems starting around two years of age. He also had a lot of allergy problems from an early age as well. I contacted Mariko and asked a few questions about her services, and she was very informative. I decided to purchase sessions with Mariko on behalf of my son, and the results have been astonishing! She uncovered numerous allergies to food, chemicals, environmental properties, childhood immunizations, and numerous other agitators, and started working to clear these allergies/sensitivities. His behavior has improved remarkably over the last month that she has worked with him. It gave us a better understanding as to why he was having behavioral problems which in turn, attributed to developmental delays. His behavior is so much better as a result of the sessions! His tantrums have pretty much disappeared, and he is so pleasant to be around. He is less fearful and so much more social. You can tell that he feels good, and his behavior shows it! It is fun to watch his personality come to life!

In addition to what I am seeing, I took him to a chiropractor and she did some allergy testing on him and confirmed that he was no longer allergic to several items that he had been allergic to prior, such as gluten, casein, sugar, and several others. Getting confirmation that these allergies had cleared is proof that Mariko is a natural healer and has done wonders for my son’s well-being. Thank you Mariko, we are grateful for you and your gift! May God bless you!

—–Update: As of today, Mariko had cleared my son’s Heart Wall that carried the burden of many trapped emotions from generations past. We are so excited to see him flourish now that his heart has been freed !

Hyperventilation, Back Pain, and Numbness (Distant-Sessions)

Pagoda Beside Tree's and RiverSoon after I met Mariko she told me she was going to be gone to Japan for two weeks. I expressed my concern that I didn’t know if I could wait two weeks as she had begun to treat me for debilitating pain and numbness. I had had two sessions with her and she had removed a backache that had woken me up every day of my life for years and started to restore normal feeling in my right side numbness. I also had a serious breathing problem, like hyperventilation, which I have been evaluated by my doctor, and I was desperate to have her address that problem. Because of it, my job had really begun to suffer and only because my boss had let me work from home had I been able to keep my job. I had a bad attack while she was in Japan and I could barely breathe for two days. I purchased distant session from her website and emailed her in desperation and she worked on me from the other side of the world! She corrected that horrible breathing problem I had suffered with for well over 6 months – It just literally went away and I could breathe normally – So much stress I had felt in my body just disappeared. I have now been able to drive into work and breathe normally ever since she treated me while she was in Japan.

Knee Pain, Abdominal Pain, Nausea, Allergy… (Distant sessions & Enforcements)

adult, blond, boardMariko has changed my life completely! In the first few sessions, she’s helped me overcome severe knee pain that I have been suffering with for years. Doctors told me I would have this pain forever and it would progressively get worse. This pain is almost nonexistent now! I am so grateful! In addition, I have also struggled with stomach and digestive issues that myself and doctors have searched for the root cause of with no success. Mariko was able to identify and reverse the pain through Allergy and Intolerance Elimination and Enforcements. I don’t remember a time in the last few years I didn’t struggle with nausea and stomach pain, and she has helped me rid myself of that pain! I am so grateful I found her!

After many counselings and therapies…(Distant sessions)

adult, beautiful, blurMariko’s work is miraculous! Following many challenging years, after a few sessions with Mariko I felt a lot lighter in myself and about life, and people who knows me noticed. This lighter feeling has lasted. I have seen many counselors and therapists over the years but Mariko’s work is by far the best. She is an angel and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend working with Mariko.

Pain, Fatigue, Allergy, Procrastination …. (Distant sessions)

Clown Fish SwimmingMan o Man, I woke up at 3:30 am and studied, finished an outstanding assignment, went to the gym, and then cleaned my 120 gallon fish tank and then went to work… Then ate a steak and baked potato for lunch and feel like a million bucks and ready to work!!!😀😀😀 You are awesome!!!

alone, bikini, body I was experiencing pelvic pain every morning upon waking for as long as I can remember.. In one session I was able to find relief and not wake up with no issues.. Combined with the allergy elimination and recent procrastination sessions, I truly feel alive, alert and ready to take and defeat all challenges that come my way!!! Thank you so much Mariko!!!

PTSD (Distant sessions)

I had some post-traumatic stress.  Even after the event, I kept having flash backs of the negative things that happened.  When I was at the grocery store, when I was walking home, when I would lay down, it was there at every turn when my mind had time to day dream of what had occurred.  I could not control it and it would leave me feeling anxious, raged, depressed, and guilty.  The Severity of these flash backs were 10/10 and it happened multiple times every day. 

I told Mariko about this problem over the phone.  I had 5 sessions by proxy and she kept me on the phone the entire time during the 5th session. After the 1st proxy session it was still a 10/10 but after the 2nd it became a bit better.  After the 3rd proxy session it went down to 5/10 and I experienced a lot less flash backs.  After the 4th, 2/10.  after the 5th, zero.  After each session I felt a bit different.  My emotions were a whack and I had some mood swings and then I had some vivid flash backs. But a couple days after each session, my level of overall PTSD lowered.  I am so glad that I was able to have my PTSD resolved and my mind freed from past events.  I can now concentrate on the now and not the past.  Thanks Mariko!

Allergy, Sinus problems, Recurrent Infections…(In-person sessions & Enforcement)

Close Up Photo of Rodent and PersonI went to see Mariko with the intent to have her work on my allergies. I have always had a sinus drip that continually ran down the back of my throat. This caused me to cough and I used Benadryl daily as needed to stop this issue.  Because I was continually fighting this congestion I would get sinus infections and have frequent colds. I felt like it was taking a toll on my immune system.  I’d taken a couple of courses of antibiotics during the past year and still felt my body wasn’t responding. Years ago I’d been to the allergist and had all those annoying tests just to have him deem my allergies “unremarkable”.  I had thought I would always have to live with this cough and drainage. I heard about Mariko and decided to give her methods a try. On the first visit she found that my body had sensitivity to bacteria in my intestines. After discovering this issue she treated me for it. As she treated me I felt my sinuses immediately drain. It was a very strange sensation. My sinuses remained clear for 6 days before I felt the slightest bit of drainage. I was treated again but differently and again felt my body’s response. I had continual improvement over the next visits and it’s like I never had the problem. Even though I had since then caught a winter cold the congestion and drainage was much less pronounced. I’ve slept better than I have in years. Thanks to Mariko. She is truly gifted.

Acute Stabbing Pain & Fibromyalgia (In-person session & Enforcement)

I had acute stabbing pain in my right lower abdomen that worsened over the course of a day. After two ER visits, the doctors had done every test they could and still couldn’t find the cause. I went to Mariko for this stabbing pain and she was able to tell me that the pain was due to allergic reaction to parasites and bacteria that was on shrimp and lettuce that I ate 4 days ago. She also told me that the part of the underlying causes for my Fibromyalgia pain and abdominal discomfort is due to my allergies. That night she was able to alleviate the stabbing pain in my right lower abdomen. She also eliminated my pain from my fingers, wrists, shoulders, knees and toes. I have been avoiding the foods that would have the parasites on them and my pain is gone. ———————-Update———— I no longer have the abdominal pain as long as I’m careful what to eat !!! Thank you !!!

FEAR, Stomach Pain… 4 years old (In-person & Distant sessions)

Girl Holding White Rabbit during DaytimeMy husband and I took out 4-year-old daughter to Mariko because she seemed to be so afraid. She was afraid of potty training, animals that aren’t dogs or cats, anything new, the vacuum, sitting in a different chair, touching animals that aren’t dogs or cats, touching the same ground animals that aren’t dogs or cats touch, having someone else at the store purchase something she wants to purchase but has to wait until she earns enough money, getting her hair combed, all movies that don’t star Clifford the Big Red Dog, etc. It was very sad and difficult. Most of all we wanted her to be potty trained, but as a mom, I really just didn’t want her to be so afraid all of the time.

Mariko tested her and her fear level was a 10+++, which I understand is a very high number. It made me feel so bad for a tiny human to have so much fear. During the first session it was discovered that her sharp tummy ache pains were connected to her fear. I had mentioned her tummy aches, but had been told by medical doctors and other homeopathic doctors that they were ulcers. She does seem to be a high stress child, so it made sense. But Mariko said the fear was causing her tummy aches and after the first session she experienced 2 tummy aches that lasted less than 1 minute each (before they would last up to an hour and beyond sometimes). She has had 3 sessions with Mariko as of now and has not had a tummy ache since those two tiny ones.

After the second session she went into one of those big bird cages at an interactive aquarium and, while she covered her head and cried at first, she went in on her own and stayed there without being asked! After a few minutes she uncovered her head and even looked around! I was completely shocked. At home the next day she even sat on the couch while my husband vacuumed the living room carpet. I was holding my breath while I watched, I couldn’t believe it. The last time the vacuum was on she came running to me and her little sister to warn us that dad was vacuuming and we all needed to stay clear over on the other side of the house.

Selective Focus Photography of Turtle on BenchHer fear went from a 10+++ to 0.0 and while I was listening to her third session, I got a picture text from my friend who was with her at the same interactive aquarium and she was touching a turtle (and standing where the turtle stands) and smiling!

I know that she would have eventually gotten over her fears (so to speak) and potty trained, so I am less concerned with that, I believe the real healing is with her heart and she is a happier, less concerned child now. I highly recommend Mariko for any children who are struggling with behaviors, she will be able to discover the causes and help them like she has helped my daughter!

Baby Rash (Distant Session & Enforcement)

Close-up of Hands Holding Baby FeetWe’ve recently had our new born. I’ve heard that baby rash is common in babies but his back was pretty bad. We tried Mariko’s service. She did some testing and found the cause.

The next day all his rashes were gone or significantly reduced!

We knew they would eventually go away but Mariko’s session helped it dissipate much quicker. Thank you!

———- UPDATE ———

It’s been 10 days since the session and his skin remains clear!

Disclaimer: The content of this website has not been evaluated by the FDA. This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, promise to cure, or to prevent any physical, mental, or medical illness. The testimonials in this website apply only to those who wrote them.  If you have any medical or mental condition, please, contact appropriate physicians immediately. Please, call 911 if you have any medical or mental emergencies.

Fatigue, Seasonal allergies (In-Person Session & Enforcement)

beautiful, blooming, blossomI came to see Mariko for fatigue. She worked with me and found that much of it was due to seasonal allergies, and the new carpet we had installed a few months ago. She cleared all the emotional issues involved and she worked on the Enforcement to clear the allergies. Before, I was constantly tired throughout the day. After the sessions I have had more energy and have been sleeping better than ever! She is amazing with her intuition as to what the body needs. She has also worked with my 9 yr old grandson on emotional issues and it has been a tremendous help for him. I highly recommend her!

Allergic Reaction (Distant Session & Enforcement)

blur, cold, couple I had an allergic reaction and itchy eyes from a dust allergy from a friend’s house. My wife and I experienced runny nose, sneezing and itchy red eyes that just wouldn’t go away. It wasn’t a life or death, but it was really uncomfortable. It continued for about a day for my wife but mine wouldn’t go away. I’ve had success with allergy treatment from Mariko from the past so I texted her about the symptoms. She worked on them right away and followed up to make sure the symptoms got better. I felt an immediate improvement from my symptoms and in the hour they were gone. Thanks Mariko.

Lower Back Pain/Osteoarthritis (In-Person sessions)

Gray Plane WingI came to Mariko not fully understanding what all she could help me with. I have suffered with osteoarthritis for over ten years. I have seen countless chiropractors and massage therapist to try and alleviate the pain associated with this condition. I sit all day at work which tends to aggravate my symptoms and cause me quite a bit of lower back pain. As we started our session Mariko discovered several layers of trapped emotions that were contributing to my lower back pain. After removing one after the other I noticed an easing in the tension until I felt a pop in my lower back area. After we were finished I stood up and was amazed to notice zero pain. I still have to stretch and keep up with a healthy lifestyle but I haven’t had that debilitating pain return. Since this visit I have returned to see Mariko and have had countless other emotional and physical pains removed. It is so interesting how the mind, body, and spirit deals with emotional traumas and I have known no better way to feel the burden of these taken away so quickly.

Thank you…Mariko

Anger, Dishonesty, Addiction… 14 yr-old (Distant sesisons)

Our teenager was angry and belligerent and struggling with addiction to pornography. After one session with Mariko, my husband said, “I’ve received more hugs in last two days than in last few years.” After removing his Heart Wall, we noticed that he was more quick to apologize and more open to affection from his family. He also wasn’t seeking out pornography. Things have improved so much! The work Mariko Does is a blessing and a miracle!

The Young Man, Emotionally Abused, OCD, ADHD, Asperger, Autism, Oppositional, Negativity, Addiction….., age 17 (Distant sessions)

A young male family member came to live with us. He struggled with some mental illness and addiction and stayed in his room alone. He was argumentative, uncooperative and would bang his head out of frustration when asked to help with a chore. He was too far behind to graduate which also contributed to feelings of hopelessness. Medication and 3 years of counseling he still felt very depressed. He was uncomfortable in small gatherings, very poor hygiene and defiant. Our last resort was to turn to Mariko. All the sessions were done by proxy. She worked on hidden emotions and his heart wall for a few months. Nothing short of miracles began to occur. He still is in counseling and on medication, but his whole demeanor has changed. He received his GED with very high scores, he’s ready to take college classes, he socializes, is friendly, helpful and he has made personal goals for his future.

UPDATE: Mariko specifically worked on his academic success related to GED. Today he aced the college entrance exam and will begin taking classes. We couldn’t have imagined this just a few months ago. Thank you Mariko for all your help!

UPDATE: He was hired today……he did it on his own! Three interviews later……they will train him! Thank you for everything!

Knee Pain, Weakness, and Falls. (Distant sessions)

Baby Wearing Pink Crew Neck Cap Sleeve Shirt Between 2 Person Standing during DaytimeMy daughter had terrible knee pain that did not go away. Mariko figured out that one of the main causes was her allergy intolerance for caffeine. She eats a piece of chocolate every day for dessert. My Daughter received Proxy Treatment, which was over the phone. She was cuddled next to me on the couch not moving due to pain. All of a sudden, she got up and started moving around, walking around. Then I received a text from Mariko that the treatment is done at the same time she got up!! I asked my daughter how her knees were feeling. She said it does not hurt anymore.

A couple of months later, I bought a treadmill and let my kids have a try. My son could run on it just fine, but my daughter could not jog slowly on a treadmill for longer than 5 seconds without falling over! She had balance issues and it scared me! It was also mentioned by her teacher that she was having frequent falls at school. I had Mariko work on her by proxy over the phone. Her imbalance was caused by a number of things she has been eating. We had to avoid some of the food during the Allergy Elimination and Follow-up Enforcements. It’s been about 2 weeks since the Allergy Elimination sessions and she can run on the treadmill just like her brother. She can keep her balance!!! WOW!!!

Anxiety, Fidgety & Poor appetite. 9 yr-old (Distant sessions & Enforcements)

My 9 year old son was showing signs of anxiety. He would have trouble sleeping, he squeezed his hands into fists when he was nervous, and would have trouble eating. After 3 sessions and one follow-up with Mariko for anxiety and heart Wall, he has shown many signs of improvements. His appetite has increased, he is sleeping much better and isn’t squeezing his hands and isn’t fidgety. Super grateful for Mariko and the work she does!

High Stress (Distant session)

3 Women in Suit SittingI was under a lot of stress at work and for a week I had been in a grumpy mood. Small things would set me off and I couldn’t get through my work because I was so emotionally unbalanced.

After I purchased the proxy session I texted Mariko and explained what was going on. I was able to schedule an appointment. She called me and asked me some questions. I talked with her for about 15 min. and hung up. After the initial session by text I was noticeably calmer. She followed up in a short while and then after her follow up I felt no emotional stress! It was a difference that felt like night and day.

I was able to get my work done without being upset or stressed about work. Thank you, Mariko! 

Social anxiety (Distant session)

adult, blur, bossI have anxiety that would get in the way of my job performance. Mainly, anxiety with people. I worked on my anxiety with Mariko and I felt calm, collected, and more comfortable in my own skin and who I am as a person. I’ve had 2 more sessions with her and removed various emotional blockages that made it incredibly easy to be upbeat and  happier overall. I even received a job promotion after I had her work on my Success Mode for my career ! Thank you!!

Life Changing Energy Work! (Distant sessions)

 Man Wearing Grey Shirt Standing on Elevated SurfaceI cannot thank Mariko enough for the work that she does. Everything that came up in my session was absolutely correct and spot on. I am able to see everything that I had not been consciously aware of, that I have been holding in my energy.

Hearing everything that comes up is all true and it only helps me to face and heal those things that have been hidden from me. I have been working with Mariko for some time and she gets to the very core of what has been in my way of healing myself. You cannot get anyone better than the work that she does. Each session is opening me up more and more and I am so grateful to have found her. My life is changing with each session and I can feel how powerful her work is in each session. Thank you so much Mariko for all that you do for all of us. Bless You!

Unexplained Pain, Sorrow, Insecurity, Anxiety, Depression…(Distant sessions)

Photo of Woman in White Sleeveless Dress Raising HandsI will have to say that after working for several months with you Mariko, it is only a miracle how much has been cleared from my energy and how my life has changed. I do have to say that it does take to consistently be at it but my being consistent has definitely paid off. When I first started working with you I felt that it was going to maybe not work, but where I am today is beyond what I expected. Your being so thorough is what has been key. You kept in there with me and it was some heavy energy that I had but you kept on top of it with me and all that I was holding.

The most interesting has been the removal of all the ancient traumas that were definitely holding me back. As you removed trapped emotions from this life, the ancient trauma energy began surfacing. Session by session you continued to release those trapped emotions from ancient past and each time I kept feeling better and better. Who was to know that all of those old negative energies resonate within me and cause pain, anxiety, depression, and sorrow.

I would highly recommend everyone continuing to go deeper into removing ALL trapped emotions from this life AND ancient past. My energy now has never been so clear. My life has been changing daily now. The journey of healing my soul has been interesting and it really never bothered me, what happened back then, because all of that has been over and done with anyway, I’m here right now and this life is all that matters.

I will continue to work with you as I move forward and as things surface. It has been so worth doing this work, I only wish for everyone to do this because what it does is set you free to live your life in your own clear energy, free of trapped emotions that had been held inside of us.

The choices I make now no longer feel uncomfortable, I know more and more who I am and I get to live free of fears that I had been holding in my energy all my life. I am grateful for my life now. Thank you so much Mariko for your work and patience and diligent effort to help me and others.

Rare Eye Disease, Blepharospasm (In-Person sessions)

adult, beautiful, blue colorI’ve had an eye disease, Blepharospasm, and have been to some of the best eye doctors in the state and they weren’t able to help me at all. They gave up trying to help me. I gave up trying to get help until I heard about what Mariko does. Since going to her, I have been relieved and surprised that things have gotten better. She eliminated a lot of underlying causes for my problems such as my trapped emotions, my sensitivities for Sun Light, Interior Lights, Screen Radiation (Computer, Cell-Phone, and TV), etc.… I still have the eye disease but things aren’t as bad as they used to be. I can function better and my life is better too.

Pain…Physical & Emotional (In-person sessions)                      Recently, I started having pain in my throat since I made a plan to visit my mother who lives far away. I had some flash back during the night and I couldn’t sleep without a pill every night. For years, I have had to deal with this kind of emotional and physical situation each time I planned to visit my mother.

So I went to Mariko’s therapy. I said that both my physical and emotional pain was 4/10 but Mariko said that my sub-conscious mind told that it was 10/10.

She found my personal torture, which was throat surgery when I was 8 years old and it trapped my emotion and brought pain to my throat. She also released all my trapped emotion about my mother. It was a very peaceful nice feeling after the session and I was so surprised all of my pain disappeared on the same day and I haven’t had any of that pain come back since then! Mariko is such a caring person that she even offers “after care”. She asked me how I felt the next day.

That night I slept well without a pill and woke up very peacefully. However I didn’t know why the memory of my past surgery came into my mind. Soon after that, my breathing started to be painful, and I felt like I was suffocating. It was the exact same situation that I experienced 50 years ago. I texted Mariko and she did a proxy for me. Even though I was home, not seeing her, I could tell that she released my echo. I started breathing easily and I felt peace and calm return to me. I slept well at night, with no pain.

I received a second therapy from her and now I have confidence to visit my mother with a healthy mind and body. Thank you so much, Mariko.

PMS & Hormonal Imbalance (Distant Session)

 Rear View of Woman With Arms Raised at Beach during SunsetI used to have very regular menstrual cycle, but for the past several months my cycle lengthened an additional week. I would have long PMS which was very hard to handle. Finally, I reached out to Mariko, and she did some treatment for my hormonal imbalance as well as some other imbalances. This month, my period came on time again, and no terrible PMS symptoms. I am so relieved!

Warm, Peaceful Feeling Came over me… (Distant sessions)

action, adult, businessmanI had a really interesting session with Mariko today. She was releasing negative energies from my body and I felt a warm feeling come over me. Before that my body was feeling cold. It was a nice feeling to feel, the warm feeling coming in. I also had a slight ache on the right side of my back as she was doing work on me, it began to appear it was not there before. I mentioned it to Mariko and she began working on that area. Little by little as she worked on me the ache started going away. I was told that this can happen when energy is being worked on, it goes from place to place until it gets completely removed. My tension between my shoulder blades that comes and goes also subsided. This was a great session as I feel so much more peaceful and relaxed. Thank you Mariko!

Stress & Depression (Distant session)

Two Yellow Plushtoy on Brown Bench I had so much negativity built up that I needed help. When the negative energy was being transformed into positive, I noticed my body taking huge deep breath and letting go of so many negativity. By the end of the session I was confident and happy. I knew just what to do in my current situation. I felt at peace and the things that were bothering me did not matter anymore. It was a wonderful experience.

Protein Shake Allergy (Distant Session)

Since I’ve found out about Mariko’s therapy and had some sessions with her I have been able to start running as my main exercise and cannot believe that I can run after being so sick for so many years. Recently I purchased a protein shake to help with my protein intake and to speed up my muscle recovery rate. The first two weeks, I was fine drinking the shake. I noticed a huge difference in my recovery after each work out. About third week into drinking the protein shake, I started feeling very nauseated after I drank the shake. It got to the point where I could not drink the shake anymore. I knew I had developed an allergy to that product so I called Mariko and made an appointment to hopefully eliminate the allergy. I found out that I was 98% allergic to the protein shake, and that I developed an allergy to the product while I was taking it. Mariko treated me for the protein shake, and I had to avoid the protein shake for 4 days. After 4 days, I asked if I am ready to drink the shake again and I needed one more treatment. After my second treatment, I was told my allergy is eliminated. I was quite scared to drink the protein shake again but to my surprise, my body did not react to it. It has been 3 weeks, and I have been able to supplement myself with the protein shake. I feel great!!!

Loss of Loved One (Distant session)                                           

My father passed away 4 days before Christmas after a tragic fall. The day after his death I sat alone in his home feeling quite overwhelmed and devastated. Unbeknownst to my family, I had a session with Mariko. The heaviness left, I felt relief. I felt focused. What could have been a depressing and dreary holiday was the sweetest most precious gathering for me and my family. We were able to put together a beautiful and sweet Memorial Service. The next day our annual family Christmas Eve party was truly a celebration of what Christmas represents. We felt peace and joy.

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Jellyfish (Distant session)     

blue, gelatinous, jellyfishI was surfing in the ocean, and felt a lightening shock on my left wrist. I paddled to the shore, only to find my left side of the body slowly getting numb. The left side of my face and my left arm started hurting. I have been treated by Mariko before for number of times, so I had my husband call Mariko right away. I could not talk. It was a crazy experience, to feel my body not reacting to the jelly fish sting and I can feel my body calming down and talk normally. My pain level went from 9 to a 0 within 20 minutes.

Disclaimer:  Please, call 911 immediately without delay if you have any medical or mental emergencies.

Stomachache, 8 yr (Distant session)
Kid's Plating Water on Grass Field during DaytimeMy son had an ongoing stomachache that would come and go for about a month. I’ve taken him to the doctor but nothing was remarkable. At first, I thought it was food allergy but his stomachache was due to trapped emotions. He had a proxy session with Mariko and spoke to her over the phone. I could tell that his pain was being relieved. Mariko spoke to me after his stomach pain went away about one of the issues that was causing his stomach pain. I was very surprised, because my son brought up the same thing 2 days ago. I am so grateful that he no longer has stomach pain!

Addiction Diet drink (Distant session & Enforcement)

alcohol, alcoholic, bar I began drinking Diet drink after lunch for a pick me up, before I taught my second class of the day. Eventually I needed it more often and began each morning by going to the drive-thru and then eventually 3 or 4 times a day. I did try to quit a couple times, but only lasted a few days. After 10 years and feeling addicted I decided to try Elimination Therapy with Mariko. I’m happy to say after 4 sessions I no longer crave, need or miss this beverage and now save about $4.24 a day, which adds up to quite a savings for a year. ($1,576/year!)

Reoccurring Nightmares, PYRAMID & Crystal Stone (Distant session)

Gray Pyramid on Dessert Under Blue SkyMy 6 year old daughter had nightly reoccurring nightmares. She was terrified. We tried to eliminate scary TV shows but she still continued to have nightmares.

I contacted Mariko and she had to get rid of some deceased people’s energy from her room. Mariko removed some scary images, darkness, past traumas and so on, and aligned her chakras.

In addition, we put a pyramid that Mariko made in her room next to her bed. We placed a crystal stone in the pyramid that Mariko has programmed for her. Ever since then she has not had reoccurring nightmares and it has been almost 3 months.

Dog, Fear (Distant Session)

dog, garden, girl I chose my 8 week old English Springer Spaniel pup from the litter because of her high energy and sassy personality. I tried to make sure she was well socialized but through that process I was surprised to learn that she was actually quite a shy and fearful dog. Her fear, which I assume is genetic because it seems so ingrained in her, is always there. She has a tendency to shy away from strangers when they try to pet her, she is afraid of men, people wearing hats, kids on scooters, random noises, etc. Three years old now, she is a smart, sweet dog who LOVES coming to work with me. However, she can still be quite fearful and when she is experiencing a high level of fear, she’ll bark at work and uses more avoidance techniques with people in the office. As it is, she won’t let any of my male coworkers get to close to her. At one point she seemed to be experiencing a continual level of fear. Her level of fear became so compounded that she was freaking out at every little thing at home and at work. I don’t know what set it off or why it had gotten so bad but her level of fear was so high at the time that one noise outside of the house (people talking, a garbage truck, someone mowing their lawn) and my 40 lb. dog ended up sitting on my plate of Chinese take-out! I felt bad that she was feeling so fearful and I didn’t know how to help her come down from that.

animal, autumn, cuteIt was at that point that I contacted Mariko for help. After one proxy session with Mariko my newly fear ridden pup was a completely different dog. She was calm, cool and collected; noises didn’t seem to bother her, she wasn’t shying away from people, and she seemed a lot more confident. I was happy to see her so relaxed and what a relief to see her freed from that continual high level of fear. But I was completely shocked when I took her to work and she actually let my male coworkers pet her! They were shocked too! It was amazing the difference in her! Thanks!

love-heart-romance-vector-logoWrist Pain and HEART WALL (In-Person sessions)        I visited as a client to have my wrists checked. I’ve always had weak wrists. When I visited Mariko I had a pain level of 6 out of 10. It was hurting without me moving them. It surprised me when during the session, the pain level slowly went down from 6 to a 4, 4 to a 2, then 2 to no pain. I’m very satisfied with my results. 

I had more sessions with Mariko specifically for removing the HEART WALL that I have built over the years. It was recommended by my mother and my friend, so I decided to take the therapy after finding out how much of a change it made to them and their lives. The first week after having one or two heart walls removed was very interesting. I went through a lot of emotional ups and downs. I even felt sleepy during or after the elimination of my HEART WALL. Few weeks later, I felt a change in my heart and mind. It’s very hard to explain. It felt like the blockage between my heart and my mind was finally removed to where I can understand why I’m doing the things I do and feeling the way I feel. I also felt like I’ve brought back the original pieces and parts of me that I’ve stored deep inside for a very  long time. For a few days, I went through a stage of confusion because I didn’t know or maybe I forgot what to do with the parts of me I repressed. I noticed that I have eased my negative feelings towards my family, friends, and others. I feel the good spirit I lost or left. I would like to thank Mariko and Ken for helping me be happier! To all those who have or are going through any issues like depression, anxiety, feeling of loss and hopelessness, I strongly recommend you to take your time for this special therapy that can turn things around and make you a happier person because after all that’s all we want, right?

 Since my HEART WALL was removed 10 months ago I met my sweet heart and got married!  
I invite you to remove your HEART WALL when your issues are better. It may take 3 or 4 Heart Wall sessions to eliminate the accumulated Heart Wall. Improve your life !! 

Emotion Code is a way to identify your trapped emotions in your subconscious mind and heals your ailment by releasing them. It is my experience that a significant percentage of physical pain, illnesses, emotional difficulties and self-sabotage are actually caused by these trapped emotions. Emotion Code is formulated by Dr. Bradley Nelson who is the author of “THE EMOTION CODE” and made it available for everyone. 

Body Code is an algorithm to find and remove negative energies that affect our body. Body Code is also formulated by Dr.Bradley Nelson. The Emotion Code is included in the Body Code.

NAET (Dr. Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) is a non-invasive, natural solution to alleviate allergies of all types and intensities. NAET is also effective in eliminating emotional level blockages such as trapped emotions, negative programmings, beliefs,  and so on. NAET was founded by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad, MD, DC, LAc, Ph.D.. 

REIKI  was founded by a Japanese monk, Dr. Mikao Usui. REIKI helps us receive powerful healing energy. 

Transformation & Positive Affirmation: Einstein said “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another…” Emotion is an energy that affects us in many levels, areas, and aspects of our body. Negative energy holds us back from our health and happiness. My job is to identify the negative energy, eliminate them, and transform the negative debris to the positive energy. One of the universal law is “Like Attracts Likes.” The negative energy attracts negative and the positive energy attracts the positive. By changing the energy within us from negative to the positive we can attract more positive energy that surrounds us. 

T3 (Three Dimensional) Therapy is a method for finding negative programming, belief system and inherited core beliefs, and replace them with positive programming and Belief Systems. It was formulated by Gwen Legler MSW and Leilani Alexander, students of Dr. Nelson who is the founder of Emotion Code and Body Code. I have purchased the course and studied T3 Therapy. 

Illness Arises from Disturbance of Energy Flow

architecture, boulder, city There is an old Japanese saying that originates from Confucius saying “Illness arises from disturbance of energy flow caused by negative emotions….” Our life is full of challenges and trials. It is commonly understood that through such difficulties one can learn and grow. However, when one’s trials are harsh and difficult the emotion associated with the event may get trapped somewhere in one’s body and blocks the flow of energy, which may become the cause for physical or emotional problems. 

Thomas Edison said, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Dr. Devi Nambudripad, Dr. Bradley Nelson, and many others were inspired by the Edison’s words and established healing modalities, such as NAET, Emotion Code/Body Code, REIKI, Tapping, and so on. 

Through the precise MRT I can communicate with your body who knows the underlying causes for your issues.

I am looking forward to working for you!

Please, take care!

Mariko Sato RN BSN


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